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Product Highlight – TTi DieselCaptain™ Ute packs Video

TTi Diesel Captain header

Dear Customers

Today we are highlighting the Trans Tank International (TTi) DieselCaptain product video.

June 30th!

It’s a good reminder to consider the new Government Stimulus Package and set your business up for recovery and success.

Consider products that make your life easier, safer and even more productive.


The Diesel Tank Subject!

The increasing need to be more efficient and have diesel ‘on tap’ has only increased the demand for a reliable ‘in field’ refueling products.


Whether you are upgrading, replacing or contemplating a larger trailer-mounted tank – let us help you consider the many options of transportable diesel tanks.


The attention to detail, the selection of the best possible components and having a line-up of tank sizes to suit a variety of space restrictions, are all shown in the below link.


Enjoy watching the video below of our DieselCaptain™ Ute packs and remember to request your Free Flow Metre Deal when you next call in!

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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