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Product Highlight – Fire Patrol 15 Water Cartage Trailer by TTi


Dear Customers

We trust you are doing well.

Some good, welcomed rains and a little more ‘water under the bridge’.

Makes me think of the expression used recently ….. we are crossing a bridge’. Opportunities always await us on the other side – together we can find them!  

When we have the privilege of buying, we go through that same process in our minds. There are many options and considerations we make on our way across but confirmed we become, when we see more value in what’s better.

Take a moment to answer two simple questions:

  1. Will this purchase make your job easier?  
  2. Will the purchase ultimately make you more money?

From well-engineered TTi trailers suited for wash-down, fire-fighting, tree watering, dust suppression, soil stabilizing, pressure cleaning, weed spraying and – you name it, we have proved TTi come up with the gear, every time!

Engineer approved designs, versatile product features and tanks manufactured to last – this is just the start when considering a TTi product.

Take some time and enjoy seeing these ‘world stage performers’ in action below:

If you have any questions, suggestions or requests,
please call us on 02 6621 5981 or drop in and speak to us direct.

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