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2022 Lismore Floods – Dear Lismore Community

2022 lismore floods

2022 Lismore Floods - Dear Lismore Community

Dear Lismore Community,

We trust that your family and friends are safe and that you are obtaining the assistance you’ll need to move through these stressful times now and in the months ahead.

Ongmac Lismore is currently closed due to the extreme weather events and will remain closed until further notice whilst we assess damage and our return to normal operations.

Most of our staff are longstanding members of the Lismore community and are largely uncontactable as they navigate through their own damage assessment.

With this in mind, call us direct to answer your queries in relation to your current sales, service, or spare parts needs.

Our direct number is: (02) 6621 5981

We actively attempted our best to prepare for the worst all Sunday into the evening by contacting as many customers as possible with equipment on site. We moved as much as we could off site to safety with the limited time available and unfortunately the worst was a lot more than anyone anticipated and some equipment that remained on site is damaged.

If you had your equipment in at Ongmac Lismore for service or repairs please contact your insurer today to commence a claim. We understand that your insurer may require verification that your equipment was at our location and will support you by providing verification as required.

To facilitate contact and enquiries we have set up dedicated email to support any queries you may have in relation to your equipment.

The email address is:

These floods have been devastating for the whole community. We have seen the spirit of good will come forth with people helping each other in the ongoing recovery and look forward to also supporting and rebuilding the Lismore community and businesses.

Kind regards
Greg McMahon – Ongmac Lismore general manager

Questions, Orders or Feedback? Call us direct 02 6621 5981

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