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We often have top brands across all stock ranges for both agricultural industrial, industrial and farming that suit users that require reliable machinery that is sold and serviced in the Lismore Northern Rivers NSW Region.

Used tractors are a great way to get a top known brand when someone upgrades. We often carry a good number of pre-owned lismore farming tractors to assist you with your used agricultural tractor needs.

Used excavators and used diggers come in to stock occasionally from all top brands and that means you get great equipment at the best prices. We sell and service them making a used industrial equipment purchase safe and easy.

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We often carry top mowing brands from all companies including Kubota. Featuring zero turn commercials and other quality reliable acreage items offered at great prices when they are in stock. Be sure to check our used mowing equipment stock now.

For all your used farming, agricultural and industrial equipment needs in the Lismore Northern Rivers Region NSW both sales, service and advice come to Ongmac Trading at 86 Conway street in Lismore and we’ll help you find the right used machinery to suit your application. Drop on by today or call us today 02 66215981 .

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Used Equipment Near Me: A Guide for Northern Rivers Region Farmers

As a farmer operating in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, you’re undoubtedly aware that having the appropriate equipment is pivotal for your business’s success. However, the expense associated with purchasing new equipment can be daunting, and not all farmers can readily invest in new machinery whenever the need arises. This is where previously owned farm equipment comes into play. Pre-loved farm equipment, also known as second-hand equipment, offers an economical alternative for farmers aiming to enhance their equipment lineup without straining their finances. But the question remains – where can you locate pre-owned equipment in your vicinity?

The Northern Rivers region boasts several dealerships and suppliers specializing in the trade of used farm equipment. Among these, Ongmac Trading Lismore Northern Rivers stands out, providing an extensive range of used machinery, ranging from tractors to a diverse assortment of implements. This includes rotary hoes, harrows, bale feeders, slashers, mulchers, stump grinders, hole drills, and much more. Additionally, they may extend financing options, maintenance services, and spare parts for all major brands. It’s worth inquiring about the availability of reconditioned machinery in-store. This implies that if you opt for previously operated equipment from them, you’re likely to receive assistance with financing, servicing, and obtaining replacement parts if the need arises.

Another avenue for discovering second-hand farm equipment in your proximity involves exploring online classifieds websites. These platforms serve as valuable resources for finding a diverse selection of used machinery at affordable price points. However, it’s imperative to exercise caution when dealing with private sellers, as the same level of protection or guarantees may not apply compared to established, long-standing dealerships. It’s recommended to conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment before finalizing a purchase and to inquire about any available service or maintenance records from the seller.

Purchasing used farm machinery offers several advantages over investing in new equipment. Firstly, used machinery is typically more budget-friendly than its brand-new counterparts. This option is particularly appealing to farmers working within constrained budgets while still aiming to upgrade their operations. Additionally, previously owned equipment has already undergone the initial depreciation, potentially leading to an extended operational lifespan compared to brand-new alternatives. This factor proves beneficial for farmers seeking long-term investments.

A further advantage of acquiring used equipment in your vicinity is the possibility of stumbling upon quality machines that are no longer in production. This can be especially advantageous for farmers in search of specific equipment that may have been discontinued by the original manufacturer. Furthermore, choosing second-hand equipment contributes to sustainability efforts by recycling and repurposing older machinery, thus reducing the volume of equipment ending up in landfills.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that purchasing pre-owned farm equipment does come with certain risks. One significant concern is the potential presence of undisclosed or unrecognized issues with the equipment. To mitigate this, meticulous inspection before purchase and a request for any available service or maintenance records from the seller are essential. Also, ensuring the machinery’s operational safety and the completion of necessary repairs is of paramount importance.

Furthermore, one potential drawback of investing in used farm equipment is the absence of a warranty or guarantee. Consequently, if complications arise, you might be responsible for the costs of repairs. However, certain dealerships, such as Ongmac Trading Lismore Northern Rivers, might offer warranties or guarantees for their pre-owned machinery, affording farmers a sense of reassurance.

In summation, opting for used farm equipment presents an economically feasible route for farmers aiming to upgrade their equipment without overextending their budgets. In the Northern Rivers region, you’ll find numerous dealerships and suppliers specializing in the sale of second-hand farm equipment, such as Ongmac Trading Lismore Northern Rivers.