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The STIHL BG 86 CE Petrol Blower is now available with a #PowerSaving discount in our Spring Catalogue. This model features enhanced performance and advanced features for even more efficient outdoor cleaning. With its powerful engine, the BG 86 CE delivers exceptional blowing force to clear leaves, grass clippings, and debris from your garden or driveway. The Easy2Start system ensures effortless starting, while the ErgoStart technology reduces the effort required to pull the starter cord. Its ergonomic design and comfortable handle provide easy handling and reduced fatigue during prolonged use. Take advantage of the #PowerSaving discount in our Spring Catalogue and experience the superior power and efficiency of the STIHL BG 86 CE Petrol Blower. #Ongmac #STIHL #BG86CE #PetrolBlower #LawnCare #GardenMaintenance #PowerfulPerformance #Efficiency #SpringCatalogue #PowerSaving


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