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New Demonstration Videos – Sitrex Finger Rake – Krone Comprima 150 Hay Baler


Dear Customers

We have here today two great demonstration videos shot by Andrew McNamara from our Agricultural sales team.

This first video is on the Sitrex finger rake. This video was shot on a cane field after harvesting. The trash is deep in the furrows and the finger rake gets in better than a regular rotary rake so it can be bailed more effectively.

Sitrex Finger Rake

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Krone Comprima 150 Hay Baler

The second demonstration video is on the Krone Comprima 150 Hay Baler.
This was shot after the harvester had been through bailing cane trash in dry, windy conditions. Bales were punched out with minimal effort forming a tight, dense bale as you will see.

Thanks for reading and watching.

If you want to know more on these two great machines call us on 02 6621 5981.

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