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FAE Skid Steer Mulchers Now Available

FAE Skid Steer Mulchers

FAE Group Skid Steer Mulchers


Dear Customers

We now stock FAE skid steer mulchers for various forestry applications.

FAE is the world leader in the design and production of heads for tractors, excavators, skid steers, special vehicles and tracked vehicles for forestry, agricultural, road and demining operations. With a range of over 90 products and 400 models, FAE is able to satisfy the most diverse of customer needs. FAE’s range of heads includes forestry mulchers, cutters, stump cutters, stone crushers, stabilizers and multifunction heads. The tracked vehicles we offer include tracked vehicles with cab as well as radio-controlled tracked vehicles.

FAE focuses on technological innovation and construction quality in order to ensure maximum performance and reliability for its machines.

The company’s headquarters are located in northern Italy, in Fondo (Trento), established in the area where FAE was founded in 1989. The production, sale, after-sales service and distribution of spare parts are guaranteed through our 4 production sites, the head office, 6 commercial branches and a network of authorized dealers all over the world.

from 60 to 100 hp

Forestry mulcher for skid steer with hammer/flail rotor, ideal for underbrush, grass and brush piles.

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PMM SSL Forestry Mulcher For Skid Steer
DML/SSL/DML SSL/VT Forestry Mulcher For Skid Steers

DML/SSL/DML SSL/VT Forestry Mulcher For Skid Steers
from 40 to 70 hp

This mulcher for skid steers, with fixed tooth rotor is the entry level model in the fixed tooth line of forestry mulchers.

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from 75 to 120 hp

This skid steer mulcher attachment, with fixed tooth rotor is the most popular and renowned skid steer mulcher in the FAE line.

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Our range available now can be viewed by the link below.

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