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Farm Implements is a second-generation, family-owned and operated company. Farm Implements pride itself on supplying high quality, reliable tractor implements designed for Australian conditions and Australian farmers.


Farm Implements was formed by a merger of Kanga Farm Equipment, their manufacturing company, and Caroni Implements, their importing company, and distributes well- known brands; Kanga Farm Equipment, Cosmo Bully and Cosmo.

Farm implements are specialists in the manufacturing and distribution of tractor implements since 1983.

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Rotary Cutters & Slashers

KANGA_M Range Rotary Cutter_front
Kanga M Range Rotary Cutter
Joey Range Rotary Cutter
Kanga Joey Range Rotary Cutter
S Range Rotary Cutter
Kanga S Range Rotary Cutter
H range rotary cutter
Kanga H Range Rotary Cutter
Twin Rotor Slasher
Twin Rotor Slasher
Tri Rotor Slasher
Tri-Rotor Slasher
Pasture Topper
Pasture Topper
Trailing Pasture Topper
Trailing Pasture Topper

Flail Mulchers & Mowers

SFM-H Series Mulcher
FLS Series Flail Mower
NBM Series Mulcher
SFM-M Series Mulcher
BPF Series Mulcher
COSMOBULLY_SGM Finishing Mower
SGM Finishing Mower

Rotary Hoes

COSMOBULLY_UM Series Rotary Hoe
UM Series Rotary Hoe
COSMOBULLY_FMA Series Rotary Hoe
FMA Series Rotary Hoe
COSMOBULLY_UL Series Rotary Hoe
UL Series Rotary Hoe
COSMOBULLY_UH Series Rotary Hoe
UH Series Rotary Hoe
VH Series Rotary Hoe
COSMOBULLY_UHH Series Rotary Hoe
UHH Series Rotary Hoe

Fertiliser Spreaders

COSMO_PTP-PL Series Fertiliser Spreader
PTP-PL Series Fertiliser Spreader
COSMO_PL Series Fertiliser Spreader
PL Series Fertiliser Spreader
PDV Pendulum Series Fertiliser Spreader
Pendulum Fertiliser Spreader
P Series Fertiliser Spreader
P Series Fertiliser Spreader
COSMO_PTP-PL Series Fertiliser Spreader
PTB Series Fertiliser Spreader
RE-A Series Fertiliser Spreader
RE-A Series Fertiliser Spreader
NX Series Fertiliser Spreader
NX Series Fertiliser Spreader
CX Series Fertiliser Spreader
CX Series Fertiliser Spreader

Grader Blades

MHD Range Grader Blade
KANGA_Land Plane
Land Plane
KANGA_Box Scraper
Box Scraper
KANGA_LD Range Grader Blade
LD Range Grader Blade
KANGA_H Range HYD Grader Blade
H Range Grader Blade
KANGA_XH Range Grader Blade
XH Range Grader Blade


COSMOBULLY_Mini Till Disc Seeder
Mini-Till Disc Seeder
KANGA_Miscellanous_H Range Post Hole Digger
H Range Post Hole Digger
Mini Range Post Hole Digger
Post Hole Digger
Carryall – Wood Floor
Stick rake
Stick Rake
cement mixer
Cement Mixer
Kanga Bale Spike
Bale Spike

Power Harrows

SRP Series Power Harrow
M120 Power Harrow
M120 Series Power Harrow

Cultivators & Harrows

KANGA_Harrows_Pasture Rake_4m
Pasture Harrow Rake
Single Tine Rippers
3 tine ripper
3 Tine Rippers

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